The Business MRI

How Healthy Is Your Business?

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When all the parts of your business are healthy and work together, they fuel profitable, sustainable growth. A healthy business also creates a work environment where everyone is engaged and thriving.

Just like a human body, a business needs all its parts to work together. When marketing is weak, sales have to overcompensate. Likewise, when your mission isn’t clear, it’s as though you’re operating with a confused mind.

By taking this assessment you will quickly identify the parts of your business that need immediate attention. When you give those parts of your business the attention they need, you get much better results.

To get started:

  • Complete the assessment
  • Review your results with Tami
  • Work with Tami to master the skills you need to improve key areas of your business

Read each statement and choose the rating that best describes the current state of your business.